Review: Lancome CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base

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I was recently introduced to a beauty product I never thought I would buy let alone use and now I don’t want to live without it! It is a lash primer. Specifically, it is Lancôme CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base that I received as a free gift from Sephora as my Beauty Insider free deluxe sample. This little tube is AMAZING! The main reason why I never considered a mascara base or primer before is because my lashes are pretty healthy and very long on their own, but this product made a HUGE difference. First, it gently separates each lash, coating them with a thin layer of primer, prepping each lash for mascara. Once I applied my mascara, I instantly noticed it was easier to apply as it just glided on without clumping. The final result: my lashes were longer, fuller, and less clumped together. I also noticed it was much easier to curl my lashes and the curl lasted much longer. Throughout the day, my mascara and lashes stayed in place and looked flawless (they didn’t flake at all). And lastly, the primer seemed to protect and condition my lashes as they seem healthier than ever before when removing and reapplying my mascara. Lancôme states in their description that “This innovative mascara base maximizes the result of any Lancôme mascara”. And while this is true, it also maximizes the result of any mascara. I used my favorite inexpensive mascara and achieved perfect results (CLICK HERE to read my review on my favorite inexpensive mascara). I cannot express how much I adore this product. Just like a face primer, this mascara primer provides a perfect application and the results are flawless. This product is definitely worth the extra step in your beauty routine.

Quick Tip: I found that applying the primer and following it immediately with my mascara works best.

Lash Primer


Give your lashes an XL boost. This innovative mascara base maximizes the result of any Lancôme mascara. Features microfibers for enhanced effect; triangular brush helps separate lashes.

Super-Enhancing Mascara Base.



PRICE: $24


Lancôme CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base really enhances lashes. If you already have dry, broken, thin or unhealthy lashes, you should definitely give this mascara base a try as the results are just amazing. It does exactly what the description says and successfully separates the lashes and adds tremendous volume. If you want beautiful lashes, this is definitely the product to use! I highly recommend it. Think of it as anti-aging for your lashes!


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Luscious Lashes

Hello Gorgeous!

Make your eyes stand out with long, luscious lashes. The thicker, the heavier, the blacker, the longer, the better! And mascara is the secret.

The best budget mascara is Maybelline Great Lash Washable Mascara. You can buy this mascara almost anywhere for around $5.

This classic mascara continues to impress with its buildable, natural formula and it will never give you tarantula eyes. With its mini wand, it gives clump-free separation, volume, and length on every lash swept.


What It Is:

A lengthening and thickening mascara for $5 (can you believe it?!)

How It Looks and Feels:

It has a mini-size wand; the tube has a wiper to keep the formula from getting clumpy on the brush; it’s ophthalmologist-tested and safe for sensitive eyes and contact-lens wearers.

Why I Like It:

It’s no surprise that this classic mascara has won Allure’s Readers’ Choice and Best of Beauty awards multiple times: In just one swipe, the wand easily reaches all lashes – even in the corners – for a multiplied lash look without any clumps so you will get lots of impact without a lot of work.

For Best Results:

  • Sweep wand from root to tip of lashes. Continue building volume until the desired lash look is achieved by reapplying coats, but do not let them dry between coats
  • Do not pump the wand in and out – this only dries out the formula
  • When applying on your bottom lashes, use the tip of the mascara wand
  • Using a lash comb is a great way to unclump and separate your lashes (if this happens to your lashes)
  • Regardless of how much you’ve used your mascara, toss your mascara out after three months of opening it because bacteria can grow in it (gross!)
  • Buy an eyelash curler! Curling lashes opens up your eyes and really makes a huge difference
  • Remove your mascara nightly for healthy and longer lashes. Use a makeup remover that has oil in it so you can gently remove mascara without causing lashes to break or fall out. The oil will also lightly coat your lashes to help protect them while you get your beauty sleep.

Creating luscious lashes doesn’t have to be rocket science. Now that you have these helpful mascara tips, long, luscious lashes await you!